3 Health & Fitness Wins For Your Home

Here are 3 things that we at aps actually use each day in our homes to help support a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Dawn Simulation Alarm Clock:
    Our bodies are hard-wired to the light-dark cycle of each day, so waking up to an imitation sun rise is much closer to our natural biology than an incessant beeping that wrenches you from your dreams. In our experience the result is waking up much calmer and feeling more refreshed.

    What to get: We use Lumie alarm clocks.
  2. Lumie Alarm Clock

  3. Water Filter:
    Water quality is often an overlooked factor, but one that can be of great benefit. Today’s tap water is sub-standard, full of chemicals, bacteria, hormones, pathogens & heavy metals, and doesn’t particularly promote health, so we encourage investing in a filter. There’s loads of options, from table top jugs to whole house systems, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a way of bettering your water quality.
    Water Filter
    Where from: UK Water Filters has a great range.
  4. Swiss Ball:
    Used pretty much everyday for stretches and exercises the swiss ball is a great asset and can really liven up and increase the options of exercises and stretches that you can do at home. There is also a fair number of stretches and exercises exclusive to the swiss ball that you just struggle to replicate without one, such as the side stretch.
    Swiss Ball Side Stretch
    They also double up as an alternative (or extra) chair!

    Where: Top of the range is the AOK Duraballs available from escape fitness or a cheaper, but still good, option is the 66fit gym ball.

3 simple tools you can add to your home, which can have you sleeping better, being better hydrated and feeling more mobile.

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