3 Recovery Techniques To Use Before Your Next Workout

Most people have an idea of what they need to do inside the gym, but what about in between exercise sessions?

Below we detail 3 recovery techniques we use regularly for boosting health and fitness levels and getting ready for the next workout.

  1. Sleep – Unsurprisingly this is your number one tool for regenerating both your body and mind. It helps re-energise your brain and your body as well as balance your hormone levels.


    Aim for 7-9 hours of good quality sleep somewhere between 10/11pm and 6/7am each night.

  2. Stretching/Foam Rolling – When it comes to mobility and flexibility the world is against you. Most of our daily activities promote stiff, tight postures and so consistent work is needed to prevent this from happening. A daily dose of stretching/foam rolling helps keep pain and injuries away and allows us to move better in the gym, giving us better results from our training.


    Aim for 15 minutes of stretching and foam rolling a day, focusing on problem areas first.

  3. Mindfulness – Be it meditating, yoga, being present or practicing mindfulness, a way of de-stressing and clearing out the mind is very useful. It helps us regulate our hormone levels, especially cortisol, and this helps us with hundreds of things such as sleep, making decisions and even our ability to burn fat. Just a little practice each day can have a dramatic impact on your day to day living.

    just breathe

    Aim to focus on only your breathing for 10 minutes each night before bed.

For more information on any of these techniques please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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