31 Ways To Be Awesome in 2017!

  1. Get your walking boots (or Vibrams!) on as often as possible. One of the simplest activities with one of the biggest pay offs!

  1. Find your reason to Move! For your health, your sport, your kids, your confidence, whatever the reason is, find it and hold on to it to help you make your daily decisions.


  1. Get Squatting, Bending, Twisting, Pulling, Pushing & Lunging! The body is meant to move in a variety of ways and mastering these will make you pretty well equipped for most activities.


  1. 2017 is the year for your core! And we mean the whole core not just your abs! Get your inner core, your back, your oblique’s and your glutes firing too.


  1. Get Stronger! There aren’t many things that being stronger doesn’t help. Make your 2017 self the strongest version yet!

  1. Become more stable. You’re gonna need it to use all that new strength you’ve got this year!


  1. Get/Keep your spine mobile. 70 year old you will love this!


  1. Choose exercises that are most applicable to what you do. If your sport requires a lot of lunging you may want to spend some time working them!


  1. Experiment with movement. Try combining movement patters. How about a squat to push, bend and pull or a good old lunge with a twist!?


  1. Get your blood pumping! Combine some exercises together to limit your rest and give your heart and lungs a good pump. Great for endurance, energy and even recovery when done in certain ways.


  1. Improve your mobility. Your 70 year old self doesn’t want to just move their spine! Get all those joints moving.

  1. Challenge yourself / get uncomfortable / work hard. When trying to achieve anything awesome you’ll have to be prepared to put in some time, effort and good old fashioned hard work! Expect to make some sacrifices and get challenging yourself, it’s where all the good stuff happens!


  1. Do something new. Variety being the spice of life and all that!


  1. Treat yourself to a new water bottle (Klean Kanteens are a great choice) and then get drinking!

  1. Remove refined sugar from your meals. We can all agree bread doesn’t need sugar in it surely?!


  1. Reduce Alcohol Intake! Try cutting back for 30 days and see how you feel. More awesome will be the answer by the way.


  1. Vegetables! Red ones, green ones, orange ones, purple ones! Eat them, eat them all!

  1. Eat slower. Only air should be inhaled. Take your time, enjoy your meal and stop when you are no longer hungry. No surprise food babies in 2017 for you!


  1. Fall in love with cooking this year and home cook as much as you can. This will also make going out for meals / the occasional take away all that much sweeter.


  1. Experiment with meals, especially breakfast. Variety….spice of…etc.


  1. Do you remember when you were younger, no younger than that, and you spent loads of time outdoors playing? Yeah! Do that more.

  1. Embrace the belly! Belly breathe as much as possible so the body doesn’t get stuck in shallow breath panic mode!


  1. You’ve had a manic day at work, been to the gym and posted about it all over social media, how about some quiet time as well this year?


  1. Play more! Remember it’s ok to take a break from all of the super serious adult stuff.


  1. Sleep 7-9 hours most nights. You will feel SO much better.


  1. Do Body Care before you go to sleep. You will feel and sleep SO much better!


  1. Make sure to rest and recover – don’t trash yourself. If you don’t rest your body will burnout, you’ll likely get ill and have to rest anyway. We’ve all done it. Multiple times. Make 2017 the year without burnout.

  1. Try different methods until you find movement, nutrition and rest strategies that work for you. Never give up! You just haven’t found your way yet, but it’s out there. Promise.


  1. Be consistent, but not too serious! If you’re awesome 80% of the time there’s no need to panic about the rest.


  1. Be nice to yourself! When was the last time you paid yourself a compliment?! How about trying one now. Go on do it!


  1. Have as much fun as possible! Find the things you find fun and do them often, you won’t ever regret it.

Until next time,

Keep Being Awesome,

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