Knee Pain in Sport & Exercise – Where to Begin?

Note: If you’re symptoms are severe it’s best to rule out any significant trauma or degeneration by consulting with a trained therapist. Even without significant trauma it’s not surprising a knee can get gnarly if you’re active and love playing sport considering: All the funky positions knees

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Back Pain in Jiu-Jitsu – Hands up who’s hurt their back?

So, hands up who’s hurt their back? We’re going to take a wild guess and say that your hands in the air. If not, our second guess is you’ve not been doing jits for very long. In the game of squash and strangle, back pain seems inevitable.

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Freeing Up ‘Climbers Shoulder’ – Rehab For Shoulder Pain & Impingements

Gnarly shoulders is one of the biggest challenges we face as climbers. Whether it’s: feeling overly stiff or weaker than ‘normal’ having to hold back on crux moves worrying about hurting something a nagging ache that just isn’t getting better or picking up an impingement time and

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Physio Not Working?

The SINGLE reason why an exercise approach to pain and rehabilitation is the better choice! It’s confusing when you’re in pain or have an injury. We get it, you just want rid and to be back playing freely and fully again! But where do you start? There’s

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Snow Seasons Approaching – Are You Ready?

The snow season is fast approaching and many of us will be heading to the slopes soon for adventure; fresh mountain air, incredible views and epic pistes full of sweeping turns and moguls to tackle! Maybe you’re in your prime and wanting to play at a higher

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Why You’re Still In Pain – Beyond Stretching And Exercise

We’ve all experienced the feeling of being tired, groggy and stiff with niggling achy pains. Maybe you’re feeling like this way more than you’d like, maybe you’re feeling like it right now! You’ve probably been doing some stretching, exercises, yoga or even seen a chiro or physio.

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3 Stretches To Help Stop Niggling Pains

We know you’re into your health and fitness, you’ve got your workouts organised, your game of tennis or round of golf planned for the week, you’ve even got your food and sleep on point, but have you done enough body care today? You know, the simple little

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31 Ways To Be Awesome in 2017!

Get your walking boots (or Vibrams!) on as often as possible. One of the simplest activities with one of the biggest pay offs! Find your reason to Move! For your health, your sport, your kids, your confidence, whatever the reason is, find it and hold on to

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Chilling Out At Christmas

‘Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along listening’ Winnie the Pooh Christmas has arrived, a great time for socialising, smiling and hopefully snowballs. However this time of year can quickly turn into a frantic, stressful time, especially in the lead up weeks to

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Secrets to solving sore shoulders & aggravated elbows: Core training – Diagonals Part 2

Quick recap (if you want to read in more depth check out strengthening diagonals Part 1) Our bodies use slings (combinations of muscles) to create energy efficient, complex movements, produce force and stay upright. Strong slings make us stable, powerful and accurate. Weak, disrupted or inhibited slings

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