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The 1% Solution To Your Health & Fitness Challenges

When I was a kid I remember parents and grandparents teaching me that if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves. The point being that focusing on little things consistently soon adds up to something big. To improve your health and fitness doesn’t

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3 Health & Fitness Wins For Your Home

Here are 3 things that we at aps actually use each day in our homes to help support a healthy lifestyle. Dawn Simulation Alarm Clock: Our bodies are hard-wired to the light-dark cycle of each day, so waking up to an imitation sun rise is much closer

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The classroom vs the exam hall – where are your training sessions taking place?

When it comes to training ourselves, whether its exercise sessions in the gym, sports sessions on the field (or in my case on the rock), or learning and applying food and lifestyle habits, try to treat the experience as a lesson, and every now and then throw

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Hero Foods Series – Salt

The Hero Organic unprocessed sea salt (should have a grey or pink tint) Full of nutrients and other trace minerals; Improves hydration by improving water absorption; Contains natural electrolytes (the ones Lucozade are always talking about); Reduces stress by speeding up cortisol (stress hormone) clearance from the

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Breathing – Be Proud of Your Big Belly

Breathing is one of the most important things you do every day. Sounds obvious, everyone breathes right? Yes, but how we breathe can have a significant impact on our health. Most of us are using a compensated breathing pattern (shallow chest breaths) which activates our stress hormones

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Hydration is an often overlooked subject when it comes to diet, but one that if you get right can have dramatic effects on wellness, vitality and performance. This article is primarily for information and practical solutions about what to drink and where to get things from rather

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