aps classes are a fantastic way of bringing movement and exercise in to your life whether you’re using them as one of your weekly sessions, an add on to your personal training or your main source of exercise. Although there’s no nutrition or lifestyle coaching and the exercise isn’t specifically tailored to you, as with personal training, there are some major benefits to group training:

  • You’re not alone! You have team mates there to push you on and keep you going, be it through some friendly competition or just the knowledge that you’re not the only one finding push ups a challenge!
  • You have an appointment! Unlike training solo a class automatically gives you a time slot in your diary each week allowing you to get your exercise in.
  • They’re entertaining! Classes are often varied so you don’t get bored and training with others always leads to some level of camaraderie which always leads to some smiling and laughing.
  • The friend factor! Not only can you bring a friend to keep you company but you can also make some new ones!

So which aps class is for you? Lets take a look.

Movement Circuits

Mobility Class

To get an even better idea if any of the aps classes are for you, please take a look at the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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