Hero Foods Series – Salt

The Hero

Organic unprocessed sea salt (should have a grey or pink tint)

  • Full of nutrients and other trace minerals;
  • Improves hydration by improving water absorption;
  • Contains natural electrolytes (the ones Lucozade are always talking about);
  • Reduces stress by speeding up cortisol (stress hormone) clearance from the blood and supports the adrenal glands, which produce hormones essential to keeping your body healthy;
  • Enhances taste (in our opinion). E.g. spinach on its own vs. spinach sprinkled with sea salt and drizzled with olive oil, yum!

The Villain

Table salt or any processed salt

  • Classed as a stress food and tends to elevate blood pressure;
  • Has all essential nutrients removed except sodium chloride;
  • Anti-caking agents added often containing heavy metal toxins.

Action Point’S

  • Switch to an organic unprocessed sea salt (France, New Zealand, Celtic are best options);
  • aps favourite – Sel Marin Atlantic Sea Salt;
  • Try adding a pinch of sea salt to each litre of water you drink.

Live Healthy.

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