At aps we love moving, training and sport. We also love feeling energetic and healthy, so we use various techniques in our training to ensure we get to enjoy what we love doing, but in a way which leaves us feeling good.

Feeling Good

Life is never static; energy levels, how the body feels, where the minds at, motivation and time available all vary day to day. So why are workouts so strict and absolute?

In a previous article we talked about repetition reserve as a way of adapting the plan to suit your daily needs and promote a positive response. Another technique is reactive sets.

What are reactive sets?
The Reactive sets principle is deciding how many sets the mind and body need today compared to what was planned.

What’s the point of reactive sets?
Reactive sets are a way of adapting the plan to suit your daily needs and promote a positive response rather than pushing through the plan no matter how you feel or what messages the body is screaming at you.

How to apply Reactive Sets?
When deciding how many sets to do you should consider energy levels, today’s health, how your body feels and your mental/emotional state. The Better these feel the more sets you do, the worse they feel, the less sets.


There are two times to consider how many sets you’re going to do:


  • Pre session


    1. – A simple way to get an idea is to consider today’s health, energy and body as a percentage. E.g. I feel about 80% of my potential today therefore do 80% of your planned sets.


  1. End of each set – Experience and being in the moment is still one of the best ways to make a decision. So at the end of each set quickly review and decide if another is good and what your body needs today or if it’s time to call it a day and bank that great session.

Typically our training sessions use anything from 2-5 sets per exercise or circuit. This freedom in the range ensures we fit our training sessions in, but they always remain adaptable for the current week and daily needs.

Live healthy,