Through the years we’ve helped tonnes of people get out of pain, rehab injuries and/or improve at their sport or hobby. We’ve enjoyed working with everyone we’ve helped and they all have awesome stories, but there isn’t enough space to share them all! Here’s a small selection so you can get a better idea of what it is that we do. Enjoy!

Anne, 42 - No More Pain, Slimmer & Healthier!

Caroline, 30 - Shoulder Pain to Climbing Hard Again!

Emily, 27 - Fitter, Healthier, Happier Person!


Hannah, 28 - 15 Years of Back Problems to Back Climbing Better Than Ever!

Heather, 29 - New 5km Run PB!

James, 35 - No More Pain Playing With My Kids!

Jane - ACL Surgeries to Skiing Off Piste!

Paul, 47 - Amazing Improvements In My Arthritis!

Rosemary, 35 - Rehabilitated After Hip Surgery!

Selina, 30 - Shoulder Impingement to Climbing Stronger Than Ever!