The 1% Solution To Your Health & Fitness Challenges

When I was a kid I remember parents and grandparents teaching me that if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves. The point being that focusing on little things consistently soon adds up to something big.

To improve your health and fitness doesn’t require a life overhaul. By commiting just 1% of your daily awake time, a mere 10 minutes, yes that’s right just 10 minutes, to a new healthy habit you can begin to transform your life.

one percent
Here’s 3 common challenges and a 1% solution for each.

Finding it difficult to relax?
With overly busy brains leading busy lives we don’t make much time for rest, especially mental rest. Mindfulness is a way of relaxing and training your mind. It is designed and proven to help you focus more, stress less and sleep better to live a happier healthier life.

aps suggestionHeadspace take 10 a progressive 10 minutes a day for 10 days FREE guided meditation app that you can play anywhere.

Finding it difficult to fit in some exercise?

Exercise / physical activity has been shown over and over again to be key to a lifetime of long term health. Exercise has far reaching benefits from preventing osteoporosis, enhancing performance, building confidence and giving us the ability to lead physical lives to name a few. To team aps it’s a key part of each of our weeks but amazingly not a huge time commitment.

aps suggestion – try this 10 minute circuit, no equipment needed and it really does only take 10minutes.

1. 60seconds – Alternating lunges
2. 60 seconds – Push ups (Kneeling if too full push ups are to challenging)
3. 60 seconds – Squats
4. 60 seconds – Horsestance 30 second hold each side
5. 60 seconds rest and repeat the circuit

push up
Finding it difficult to eat a healthy breakfast or skipping it altogether?

With busy mornings nutritious breakfasts can go aray; a bowl of crappy quality cereal and milk, a grab something on the go or skipped altogether with a coffee substitute. It doesn’t have to be this way and with 10 minutes you can knock up some pretty awesome nutritious breakfasts. Consistently eating a nutrituous breakfast is proven to increase energy and mood, reduce body fat and help reduce the risk of disease to keep living a happier healthier life.

aps suggestions:
1. Porridge – mix it up and use nutmilks as alternatives to milk. Experiment and add to your porridge, a personal favourite is cashew butter, blueberries, honey and cacoa.
2. Avocado spread on sourdough bread with poached eggs and spinach – Poach some eggs (4 minutes) and in the mean time toast the bread, cut the avocado, wait for the pop and spread. Eggs on top and a handful of spinach on the side all wrapped up in under 10 minutes.

If you want to get more extravagant here’s a great article, all about breakfast, from precision nutrition showing some of the healthiest breakfasts around the globe. I can personally vouch for incredible Icelandic breakfasts, if you ever find yourself in Reykjavic definitely get your breakkie on at Café Loki.

Finding time to add one of these three to your daily routine could dramatically change your health. Imagine what you would achieve if you gave just 3% of your time and did all 3!

Until next time.

Live Healthy,

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